Visual Arts at a Glance: Sept 20-30


Art History at a Glance
Art Museum | Aug 29 through Dec 16

Department of Art Faculty & Alumni Exhibition
Art Museum | Aug 29 through Dec 16

Global Perspectives
Art Museum | Aug 29 through Dec 16

The Charles M. Messer Leica Camera Collection
Art Museum | Aug 29 through Dec 16

Rethinking Porkopolis: Cincinnati’s Environmental History, Through Pigs
Cage Gallery, Sept 4 through Sep 22

Miami University Young Sculptors Competition for the $10,000 William and Dorothy Yeck Award
Hiestand Galleries, Sept 6 through Oct 9


21-Raul Gonzalez, “Can You Feel That?” Reception
Hiestand Galleries, 4-5 PM

21-Raul Gonzalez: “Can You Feel That?”
ART 100, 5:50-7:05 PM

25-Department of Theatre: The National Taiwan College of Performing Arts Chinese Opera Troupe
Art Museum, 6 PM

25-Grad Symposium
Cage Gallery, through Oct 6

26-Erin Beckloff, Film Screening – Pressing On: The Letterpress Film
Armstrong, WIlks Theatre, 6:30 PM

28-Art Explorers (ages 3-5)
Art Museum, 10 AM-12 PM

28-Erin Beckloff, Making An Impression
Art Museum, 3 PM