2021 Schedule

The Undergraduate Research Forum’s schedule is displayed in two sections: 10-Minute Talks and Posters. In both sections, you can click a session’s name to view descriptions of the projects being presented. On the day of the event, you’ll be able to click the link in the “Session Link” column to view student presentations live via Zoom.

2021 URF Schedule
Session A
A1-11Caitlyn Thomas
Amanda Reichert
Cluster A1
A12-22Megan Kelley
Miranda Corpora
Cluster A2
A23-34Gwendolyn Lloyd
Chiquita Hughes
Cluster A3
A35-45Michelle LittleCluster A4
A46-57Rose Marie Ward
Jenn Quinn
Cluster A5
A1-8TMarcia England
Susan Jakubowski
Cluster A6
A9-16TJacque DaughertyCluster A7
10:45-11:30Panel 1: Research in the Humanities and Social SciencesJoyce FernandesJoin Panel 1
Panel 2: Relevance of Undergraduate Research for CareersBeth Zink, Martha WeberJoin Panel 2
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2021 LAURE Winners >
Joyce FernandesJoin Plenary
Session B
B1-11Shannon Speed
Samantha Wick
Cluster B1
B12-23Andrea Kravats
Cameron Hay-Rollins
Cluster B2
B24-34Abby Valachovic
Caroline Reges
Cluster B3
B35-45Amélie Davis
Justina Kaiser
Cluster B4
B46-57Vaishnavi Dasaka
Indrima Upadhyay
Cluster B5
B1-8TJessica McCarty
Jason Rech
Cluster B6
B9-16TTodd Edwards
Eileen Rintsch
Cluster B7
2:45-3:30Panel 3: Getting Started With Undergraduate ResearchNelchi Prashali, Brandon ArnoldJoin Panel 3
Panel 4: Research During the PandemicJoyce FernandesJoin Panel 4
Session C
C1-11Lauren Brassfield
Abigail Morgan
Cluster C1
C12-24Jason Boock
Sadeepa Mallikarachchi
Cluster C2
C25-34Rachael Morgan-Kiss
Scott Hartley
Cluster C3
C35-45Saruna Ghimire
Cara Calabrese
Cluster C4
C46-58Rose Marie Ward
Tyler Jacobs
Cluster C5
C1-8TFacundo Alonso
Claire McLeod
Cluster C6
C9-16TWen-Ching Chuang
Tom Fisher
Cluster C7

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