Moderator Instructions

Before the Forum

  1. Your assignment will be listed on the Schedule page. Click on the link in the Zoom column to join the meeting. You and your co-moderator will be designated as co-hosts.
  2. You’ll be provided with a list of students in your session. Contact these students, and communicate your expectations. They have been asked to be present for the entire duration of the session. Communicate with your co-moderators as well.
  3. Based on the number of students in your session, please figure out if students can have more time than the 5 minutes they were allocated. Some sessions have a few withdrawals, others have more. 
  4. Move “group/class presentations” towards the end. These are usually associated with a class/ group project and have upwards of 4 student presenters.
  5. Trouble-shooting tips for Zoom will be provided as a separate checklist.
  6. All moderators are in a Webex Teams space, where you can communicate with IT support staff about any glitches you might experience. We cannot help a student with laptop issues or Wi-Fi issues at their location. They have already received presenter instructions about backup plans.
  7. If you have never used Webex Teams, download it here. The icon is a rainbow-colored one, as opposed to “regular Webex,” which is blue and green.

During Your Session

  1. You will be a co-host for your Zoom session. You will receive a link, and it will be in your Google calendar. You will be able to join the session 15 minutes prior.
  2. You may start the session by showing a Google slide [see sample]
    • Include a listing of presentations for your session
    • Discuss any pointers you have for students. 
    • Provide them with the Phone-in number and password should they be disconnected. This will be in your Zoom link.
    • Remind them about the use of Twitter throughout the session/day. Refer them to instructions on the event website. Have them post one-line descriptions.
  3. Introduce each presenter. You may use the above Google slide.
  4. If students are having issues during/before their presentation, instruct them to work with their faculty mentor to resolve issues, and move them to the end of the presentation line-up. Alternatively, you have access to their slides through their post on this website.

After Your Session

  1.  Remind students about the option of using Twitter. Use these hashtags: #MiamiOHUndergradResearch #MiamiOH_UGRforum2021
  2. Encourage students to complete the event survey. It’s important feedback for us, and their help in improving the event is appreciated.


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