Webex Updates!

Here’s the latest news regarding your favorite colorful applications.

Webex Teams, which was made available to all Miami faculty, staff, and students in 2020, is getting some new branding! Teams will now just be Webex. Just… plain Webex!

The other side of this coin is that Webex Meetings is also going away. The “new” Webex app (pictured above) will now fulfill the main functions of both the Webex Meetings and Webex Teams apps — essentially, they have been collapsed into one app!

The good news is: If your machine is managed by Miami, you don’t have to do anything. Your Teams app will quietly update to Webex, and the Meetings app will go away.

If your computer is not managed by Miami, it’s still a pretty easy switch. In Teams, when the update is ready, you will see a green notification to let you know the app is ready to update. Once you allow that, your application will be the brand-new Webex.

After this update, when you start and schedule meetings, they will open in the Webex app.

For more information about Webex and the consolidation of the two apps, please visit the Cisco site.