Don’t Let Halloween Ruin Thanksgiving

Don't Let Halloween ruin Thanksgiving

There is no denying that this holiday season is going to look and feel different than in year’s past. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our holiday traditions may change, but I hope the common thread that remains is spending time with family – at least, in some capacity.

Halloween is right around the corner. And the decisions we make this weekend and how we choose to celebrate can definitely affect Thanksgiving a few weeks later.

There are 26 days between Halloween and Thanksgiving. With a little bit of public health knowledge and quick math, you can probably determine that exposure to COVID on Halloween will impact your close contacts’ ability to travel home as scheduled. And NOBODY wants to celebrate Thanksgiving alone in isolation or quarantine – or be the reason someone else has to miss their family’s celebration.

Beyond missing celebrations and delaying travel plans, the most important reason to stay in this Halloween is to protect our families. While as college students, we may be pretty low risk for COVID complications, our family members may not be.

So you know why it matters, but what are some other options? Here are some of our ideas for those who want to have a festive, low-risk Halloween.

How to Celebrate Halloween, 2020 Style

Decorate your house, apartment or living space

Participate in an online costume contest

Good news – Miami Activities and Programming (MAP) is hosting one on Instagram this week! And the winner gets an Apple TV!

Costume Contest. 10/23 - 10/31. Show us your Halloween costumes!

Have a Halloween movie night

Carve pumpkins

Want to make a Miami-themed pumpkin? Miami posted a “Miami M” stencil on Twitter this week to help you out! Bonus: roast pumpkin seeds to enjoy later!

Array of a couple dozen carved pumpkins on display

Treat yourself

Spend a few minutes on Pinterest or Google for inspiration, then head to the kitchen!

Read up on spooky Miami stories

The alumni association has you covered with a range of ghost stories.

Fisher Hall

Celebrating Halloween outside your home

Wear a face covering.

A costume mask SHOULD NOT be used in place of a face mask.

Stick with members of your household.

Keep your circle small. Stick together and avoid crowds!

Practice physical distancing and wash your hands frequently.

COVID doesn’t take breaks for Halloween (or other holidays). Maintain distance and regularly wash your hands!