NX Nomachine upgrade -and- Storage situation on the Redhawk cluster

We have upgraded the server of the remote desktop software NX Nomachine to version 4. If you have used this software before and plan to use it in the future you would need to upgrade your PC/MAC client of NX to version 4 as well. The download link for the installer is right on the front page of https://www.nomachine.com/ and installation and configuration information is available at http://blogs.miamioh.edu/researchcomputing/hpc-cluster/, in the “Access” section.

The second announcement is about the file storage situation on the cluster. Right now the user home space is at 97% of its capacity. If no action is taken, limitations will take effect in terms of generating/processing more data and the creation of new user accounts. We kindly ask that each user processes and generates data in a responsible manner which includes deleting files that are no longer needed. We would be happy to provide guidance on how to archive data as well as on how to identify alternative data storage models outside the user home spaces.