Planned upgrade of the Linux operating system on Redhawk

This is an update on the planned upgrade of the Linux operating system to version Rocks 6. We have scheduled an outage for this from 01/02/2014 8am until 01/03/2014 8am. Users won’t have access to the cluster during that time. Any jobs submitted that are scheduled to run during this time will be deferred until after maintenance has completed. Any jobs submitted to the queue from now until 01/02 will be immediately eligible to run only if the requested wall time is shorter than the time span from the point of submission until 01/02 8am. All other jobs will stay in the queue until after the upgrade.

As many of the currently installed software packages will not be working after the system upgrade a re-installation of these will become necessary. For this, wherever possible, we will retrieve the most recent stable version of a particular package and install it. We expect to have software packages readily installed on the cluster right after the outage.