Science lovers rejoice – Science Friday is coming to Miami University

Renate and I are so excited about the second semester, and especially about one of the signature events we are bringing to the Oxford campus – the popular public radio show Science Friday. We are both physicists. We love the fundamental question, the intrigue of a hypothesis and the revelation of a conclusion. For science lovers like us around the world, it doesn’t get much bigger than Science Friday.

On April 21 at 7:30 p.m., host Ira Flatow and the Science Friday crew will host a special live performance in Hall Auditorium. Tickets go on sale Monday, Feb. 12, to the Miami family, and Feb. 15 to the general public. Visit to learn more and to purchase tickets.

Maybe you’re one of those people with a cartoonish stereotype of a scientist – wild eyes and overgrown, disheveled hair, sitting alone in a white lab coat behind a microscope. That’s not what you’ll hear on Science Friday, and see at this special show at Miami. These are people with a passion for learning, a big sense of wonder and a sharp eye on the world around them. They have the courage to challenge the accepted answers. They design creative experiments carefully and carry them out thoroughly. They are tenacious when the work grows tedious, and humble when their ideas don’t work out.

Host Ira Flatow has a degree in engineering, but is known worldwide as a science correspondent and journalist. He has been broadcasting science since 1970 – the year of the first Earth Day. He started Science Friday on NPR in 1991. The show is on 374 public radio stations with 1.8 million listeners every week. He’s also played himself on another hit show, The Big Bang Theory.

Science Friday is one of the best ways to promote science to a mass audience. In April, that message will emanate from Miami University. The live show will feature several Miami University researchers in a fun and engaging format. Let’s fill Hall Auditorium and show them how much Miami University loves science. You can bet Renate and I will be there!

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