ShareFest 2018 Collection Site Requires Chestnut Fields Parking Restrictions

Parking Restriction May 14-21

ShareFest is an annual collection drive which accepts good-condition and reusable furniture, housewares, clothing, and non-perishable food from Miami University students and Oxford residents. Once again this year, ShareFest is basing its dispatch, sorting and collection operations in the Chestnut Fields parking lot which will require a number of parking spaces to accommodate them.

Please move vehicles from the areas shown in yellow on the attached map before Monday, May 14 at noon to avoid citations and towing at the owner’s cost.

Parking restrictions in Chestnut Fields parking lot shown in yellow areas.

How Does ShareFest Work?

Donors complete an online form with items they wish to donate and ShareFest volunteers go to the house or apartment to pick up the items during the chosen day and one-hour time block. Donated items are picked up by volunteers and staff of social service agencies from Butler County.

Social service agencies that receive donations will distribute items to people in need, or sell the items in their thrift stores. All proceeds from the sale of ShareFest donations must benefit the social service agency.

ShareFest helps keep the city clean and helps prevent usable items from going to the landfill while helping out members of the community in need.

Ways to Help

For more information about ShareFest, including making donations of goods, volunteer signup, or making a contribution, visit their website.

ShareFest logo

When moving out, make it count!