North parking garage traffic changes

In response to concerns about wait times to exit the north parking garage, parking and transportation services has made changes to the traffic flow within the garage. The plan, which was provided by a parking consultant to improve the efficiency of the parking garage, will be piloted during the fall 2017-18 semester.

Six parking spaces have been removed so that vehicles may circulate on the entry level of the parking garage and direct access to the exit lane has been barricaded. Signs and barricades have been placed to indicate the parking restrictions and traffic flow. Please observe the parking restrictions and traffic signs in the garage.

Garage customers can further decrease their wait times at exit by having their parking ticket and payment method ready upon arrival at the gates, or by pre-paying for their exit at the kiosk at the elevator on the entry level before driving to the exit gates.

The illustration below shows the intended traffic flow and parking spaces affected by the changes in circulation patterns in the garage.

North parking garage level 2 traffic flow map

North parking garage level 2 traffic flow – click to enlarge.

Both students and employees may use their Miami University ID card to pay for garage parking with their MUlaa account (students and employees) or payroll deduction (employees). Simply tap the card at the entrance, then tap the same card at the exit to have the amount of the stay deducted from your account. Credit and debit cards are accepted at the exits and payment kiosk for payment. Cash and coin is accepted only at the payment kiosk by the elevator on the entry level.

Parking rates in the north garage are $2 for the first hour, $1 for each additional hour. A $25 fee is assessed in addition to parking rates for lost tickets.

If you have questions about parking in Miami’s garages, call parking customer services in the HOME Office at (513) 529-2224 or email