Freedom from want

Steven Ray Smith

In this freedom from want
there is not a turkey
and not an apron
bowing before a cocked
father retrieving his prestige,
the carving set.

There is not a grey bun and bobby pins
making way for his magic upon her make-ready.
There are not children
fitful with hunger,
starched like dad,
fitful with convenience
and surveying the laughter while she
remains spackled in gravy.

In this version, she is hungry too.
He is still suited but seated.
She has likewise roasted but there is a humorous
part and all around await her punchline.

STEVEN RAY SMITH’s poetry has appeared in Slice, The Yale Review, Southwest Review, The Kenyon Review, Barrow Street, New Madrid, Tar River Poetry and others. New work is in North Dakota Quarterly, Guesthouse and Chaleur Magazine. His website is He lives in Austin.