About OxMag

OxMag (or more formally: Oxford Magazine) is a literary & arts magazine edited and published by creative writing MFA students at Miami University. Since our premiere in 1984, our magazine has received Pushcart Prizes for both fiction and poetry, and has published authors such as Charles Baxter, William Stafford, Robert Pinsky, Stephen Dixon, Helena Maria Viramontes, Andre Dubus, and Stuart Dybek.  Appearing biannually, OxMag is a web-based journal that accepts fiction, poetry, new media, and creative nonfiction/essays.  

Issue 46 Submissions Schedule

  • Submit Art + New Media: February 1-April 30
  • Submit Fiction: February 1-28
  • Submit Nonfiction: March 1-31
  • Submit Poetry: April 1-30
  • Submit to The Golden Ox Flash/Micro Contest: May 1-31

What We’re Looking For: We like writing and art that is sticky, raw, truthful. We want to see events and issues in new ways. We want your disgusting reality TV work that makes us sick to our stomachs, the kind of things you think about while trying to sleep off a hangover. We especially like experimental work that plays with form.

About The Golden Ox Flash/Micro Contest: details coming soon!


Cover letters: Make sure to write a brief bio in the space marked by Submittable as “Cover Letter.” 

Submissions: We accept submissions through Submittable only. We no longer accept email submissions. Please only send one submission per reading period. 

Simultaneous submissions: are okay as long as you remember to withdraw your submission via Submittable if your work is accepted elsewhere. For poetry, you can add a note indicating which poems are no longer up for consideration.

Response time: Our response time varies. We will make every effort to accept or decline all submissions within four to six months. It could take longer, but hopefully not. If we haven’t gotten back to you and it’s past the response time, drop a gentle nudge to

Rights: OxMag acquires first North American serial rights, one-time anthology rights, and online serial rights. Previously published work is not accepted



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