BMW Motor Plan Expiring? Plan Your Next Move with Your BMW

If you own a BMW you know the love and care that we need to put into our new BMW to keep it at optimal performance.  This means frequent oil changes, tire rotations, inspections, and much more.  The warranty that comes with a new BMW are outstanding and it’s kept people coming back to BMW year after year. Who don’t like the whole 50,000 miles 4-year plan? 

This is great for those who may like to trade their cars every couple of years.  But what if you are the owner of that BMW that plans on keeping it past the warranty? You keep the car maintenance and running smooth and take care of it, but now your warranty is expiring and you’re not sure how you will manage the fees involved should something occur.  

BMW parts are not cheap and even higher priced when maintenance through the dealerships.  So, what do you do? What is your plan?  No need to stress too much.  There are several options out there for you to help keep your car protected and giving you a little bit of peace of mind. 

Stay one step ahead

Planning for the worst is always a good idea. It’s never a good idea to wait to the last minute to make sure that your vehicle care plan remains active.  You can always contact your local BMW dealership where you purchased your vehicle and ask them if you can extend your warranty that you already have on your plan with them.  Many times, dealerships will let you extend at least once past the original warranty.  So, calling or visiting your local dealership and asking an associate is the first step.  If your particular dealer does not allow the warranty extension, you still have a few other options to make sure your vehicle remains covered. 

Splurge on the extended warranty

Many times, you will be able to purchase an extended warranty from the dealership.  The price range can run between $1500 and $3000.  Now most dealerships are flexible with that price so don’t feel like you can’t talk them down a bit. There are also many independent 3rd party warranty companies that you may use too.  You will want to be thorough when making a decision on who to use.  You will want to make sure they have a reputable background, are easy to contact should you need to. One that will give you payment flexibility and may even let you pay through your dealership.  Look for companies that have been rated on the Better Business Bureau. These companies have a tendency to have been in business much longer have a solid customer base and reviews on their ability to keep a satisfied customer base. One place that receives rave reviews on the BMW blogs and forums.  

You Daredevil!

If you are in the BMW group of people who have always taken care of your vehicle and never had any major problems you can always opt not purchase any additional warranties.  You could choose to pay out of pocket any expenses that may occur.   But remember, BMW parts are a bit pricey.  So, if you opt not to, then you should check around your area for a smaller mechanic that knows how to work on your car, and possibly save you thousands of dollars.