Ethan Schlarb





Ethan Schlarb is a junior at Miami University, majoring in Biology with an American studies minor. His role in the Oedipodinae project consists of aligning sequences of DNA that are extracted from the genomics lab so the sequences are in a usable format for future phylogeny. Ethan also assists Steph Smith with any other duties involving the phylogenetic analysis of the grasshoppers.

Ethan joined this project because he has a strong interest in phylogenetic research and genetics in general. He also joined the project because he has a fear of grasshoppers, and participating in the lab has helped alleviate his fear slightly. In the future, Ethan would love to find work that involves genetic research for the evolution of plant species. He believes the Oedipodinae project has helped broaden his knowledge and experience on the subject of genetics, which has helped him better prepare for the future.