Deron Clark

Deron Clark is a senior at Miami University majoring in Zoology with an Environmental Science co-major. Deron’s duties for the Oedipodinae project mainly include assisting Addie Zeisler with GIS database analysis. This work consists of sorting data from the SCAN database, running R scripts, inputting information, and assisting with anything else that is needed for the project.

Deron joined the Oedipodinae project because he wanted to gain experience working in a lab, and the topic and skills required for the project interested him. Before joining the project, Deron had only recently learned about utilities, including GIS database and R scripts, so he is glad he has the opportunity to learn more about them and how to apply them as well. In the future, Deron would like to work in wildlife conservation, using the skills that he has gained from participating in the Oedipodinae project.