Addie Zeisler


Addie Zeisler is a junior Biology major at Miami University, with a Global Perspectives and Sustainability minor. Originally in a biochemistry lab, Addie realized she preferred research that involves ecology. The president of an organization to which she belongs suggested joining Tereza Jezkova’s research lab, and Addie realized it was a perfect fit.

During her first semester with this group, Addie worked on building a database for the grasshoppers. She took information from a North American grasshopper book, and organized the grasshoppers into species. This semester, she is working on observing data from another database to look for invertebrate occurrences. She can then cross-reference the invertebrates with maps from the North American grasshopper book. After gathering this information, she will compare the data to see if different species exhibit niche conservation or competitive exclusion.

Although Addie does not have definite career goals in mind, she has ideas about what she wants to accomplish. She wants to work in the field for a couple of years, with a focus on birds. Addie loves the idea of looking at ecology through the lens of bird migration. After working in the field, she would like to pursue a PhD, doing research and eventually becoming a professor. Enthusiastic professors have influenced Addie during her undergraduate years, and she would like to share her enthusiasm as a professor, helping students find their passion.