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ISOS LogoInternational SOS MU Membership Number: 11BCAS000010
Miami University recognizes our duty in safeguarding the health and safety of our faculty and staff traveling on behalf of the university. Miami University has partnered with International SOS, the world’s leader in international healthcare, medical assistance, and security services.

The services provided by International SOS range from simple telephone advice from an expert in the field, referrals to vetted providers, to full-scale medical and security evacuations. The International SOS network of multilingual specialists operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from 28 Alarm Centers around the world. So, if you run out of medication in Budapest, need to see a doctor in Beijing, lose a passport in Ghana, or encounter a medical or security crisis anywhere in the world we encourage you to take advantage of this powerful resource.

Remember when you are abroad you should always carry the International SOS membership card. It contains the University’s membership number 11BCAS000010 and phone numbers to International SOS alarm centers.  Obtain your card from MU-GAP, 214 MacMillan Hall, call 513-529-8600, email, or download and print a copy of the card.

Below are some key benefits to membership.

  • Pre-departure preparation: By logging onto the International SOS website ( you and your students can sign up for health and security email alerts and review valuable country-specific information.
  • While abroad: International SOS will help you to locate a qualified health care provider, replace a prescription or simply answer a general medical or security concern.
  • In an emergency: International SOS can ensure you get immediate care whether it requires evacuating you to a center of medical excellence or closely monitoring your condition with local doctors, or evacuating in case of political unrest or disturbances abroad.

It is important to note that International SOS is not health insurance. This assistance program benefit provided by Miami University is designed to supplement and enhance your current health insurance with medical and security advice and services. It does not cover individual medical or evacuation expenses. Miami University therefore requires that all travelers on Miami-managed programs have their own medical, evacuation and travel insurance. Any charges incurred by Miami University for International SOS services not covered by existing insurance will be passed onto the individual.

Please direct all questions to the ISOS Miami University Authorized Person Cheryl D. Young, MU-GAP Coordinator.

Click here to download FAQ for ISOS