GeoBlue Insurance


In short, GeoBlue is supplemental health insurance that allows you to access GeoBlue case management, referrals, and get health care services abroad, from contracted providers, at no cost at the time of service. (Using non-network providers will require payment at the time of service, with reimbursement following claim filing.) GeoBlue also provides emergency evacuation coverage for political and natural disasters.

With GeoBlue insurance, you can pursue your professional goals secure in the knowledge that you can access quality medical care when and where you need it. The Miami University GeoBlue global health care plan is comprehensive, competitively priced, and comes with vitally important information and medical assistance services.

Faculty and staff traveling on behalf of the university can choose to purchase this health insurance which supplements other coverage, including the Miami University coverage provided by UMR.

The weekly cost of coverage for travel from September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017
Participant (Up to age 74) $15.15
Spouse $57.40
Child $22.20
Children $44.40

How do I enroll in GeoBlue Coverage?
To buy or enroll, visit:

Miami University Access Code: CNX-4745
Use the Miami University access code for the contracted rate.

What if I have questions about the coverage?

Review the GeoBlue Member Guide to find out what the plan covers and how to take advantage of GeoBlue member resources.

Questions about GeoBlue coverage may be directed to:

Global Assistance Program

844.268.2686 or 610.263.2847

Disaster Evacuation Services Brochure (.pdf)

How can GeoBlue help me prepare for going abroad?
The GeoBlue website has a number of resources for preparing to travel abroad. Visit where you will find:

  • Travel Safety Global Health Tour video along with other short, informative videos. (Also found on YouTube, search “GeoBlue”).
  • mPassport – mobile health and safety app that you can put on your smart phone to provide easy access to information about doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and medications, as well as news alerts, specific to your travel location. (You can also find the apps by searching for GeoBlue or mPassport at the App Store.)
  • Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacies – search your destination for medical care.
  • Health and Safety – City health and safety profiles.
  • Translation Guides – Drug, medical terms, and medical phrases.
  • Featured Articles – Travel health and special needs.

How do I access GeoBlue while I am abroad?
If you or a student have a health issue, injury, or need to seek medical advice, call GeoBlue, collect, 24/7/365, and a medical professional will assist you. GeoBlue will help locate a doctor, dentist, or other medical professional and provide medical advice. Do not delay in calling, even if you cannot locate your policy number, GeoBlue can help you. If it is an emergency, get to a medical facility and then contact GeoBlue.

Contact the GeoBlue international medical community where you will be connected to English speaking medical and healthcare professional by calling 610-254-8771 or e-mail to