Chartis Worldrisk Travel Assistance

Miami University provides comprehensive liability insurance covering the University and its employees while conducting workshops or other University programs outside the United States. Included under this policy are general liability, contingent auto liability, employer’s liability, and medically supervised evacuation and repatriation coverage. Questions about this coverage may be directed to Paul Allen, Director, Business Services.

The WorldRisk Travel Assist coverage is for medical and personal (legal, travel, and security) services to assist faculty and staff with emergencies that may arise when abroad. The assistance services are reached through regional “800” numbers from anywhere in the world as detailed on the Travel Assist brochure. Services include:

  • Medical Assistance – hospital admission deposit, medical monitoring, dispatch of a doctor or specialist, emergency medical evacuation, medically supervised repatriation, and repatriation of mortal remains;
  • Personal Assistance – pre-trip medical referral information, emergency medication, embassy and consular information, lost document assistance, emergency message transmission, emergency cash advance, legal access, translations and interpreters, lost baggage assistance, currency exchange rates, weather information, benefits verification, and claims assistance;
  • Travel Assistance – emergency family travel, transportation to join disabled employees, return of minor children, return of traveling companion, return of vehicle;
  • Security Services – travel security information, security crisis center, contingency political evacuation.

This service and coverage is provided to not only employees, but also spouses, children, or other companion(s) when accompanying you while you are on official business for the University and traveling abroad.

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