Graduate Student Policies

Values Statement

University Statement Asserting Respect for Human Diversity

Statement of Non-discrimination

Smoke- and Tobacco-Free Environment

Graduate Academic Regulations

Admission (Graduate)

  1. Types of Admission
  2. Requirements for U.S. Citizens or U.S. Permanent Residents
  3. Requirements for International Students
  4. Physical Examinations and Immunizations
  5. Continuing Graduate Status


  1. Graduate Credit
  2. Graduate Course Load for Full-Time Students
  3. Graduate Course Load for Part-time Students
  4. Registration Procedures
  5. Withdrawal from the University
  6. Refund Policy for Enrolled Students Who are Called to Active Duty in the Armed Services
  7. Credit/No-Credit Courses
  8. Individualized Study Credit Hours
  9. Audit Courses
  10. Transfer Credit
  11. Undergraduate Classes
  12. Registration Problems
  13. Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree
  14. Permission for Undergraduate Students to Enroll in Graduate Courses

Grades and Scholarship

  1. Grades
  2. Scholastic Regulations for Graduate Students
  3. Computation of Averages and Definition of Earned Hours, Attempted Hours, and Grade Point Average Hours, President’s and Dean’s Lists

Other Academic Regulations

  1. Class Attendance
  2. Petitions

Academic and Research/Creative Activity Integrity

  1. General
  2. Criteria
  3. Procedures for Reporting and Adjudicating Cases of Academic Dishonesty and Misconduct in Research/Creative Actvitiy

Student Conduct

  1. Introduction
  2. Code of Student Conduct
  3. Organizational Responsibility
  4. Standards of Conduct
  5. “1219” Procedures
  6. Student Conduct Regulations

Academic Responsibilities and Academic Grievance Policy

  1. Statement of Good Teaching Practices
  2. Statement of Student Responsibilities
  3. Academic Grievance Procedure at Miami University

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy

  1. Introduction
  2. Directory Information
  3. Access to Student Records
  4. Waiver of Access
  5. Disclosure of Information
  6. University Policy and Procedure on a Student’s Right to Inspect and Review Personally Identifiable Records and the Right to Challenge the Content of Those Records

Information for Graduate Award Holders

Recipient Guidelines

Types of Awards

  1. Graduate Assistantships Appointments
  2. Dissertation Scholarships
  3. Graduate Summer Scholarships

Administration of Graduate Awards

  1. Nomination of Graduate Award Candidates
  2. Time Limits for Graduate Awards
  3. Procedures for Award Recipients
  4. Payroll and Tax Information

Rights and Responsibilities of Graduate Award Holders

  1. Introduction
  2. Rights as Graduate Students
  3. Additional Rights as Award Holders
  4. Responsibilities as Award Holders
  5. Guidelines for Department Training and Supervision of Graduate Assistants with Teaching Responsibilities

Other Benefits for Graduate Award Holders

  1.  Full-time Status
  2. Payroll Deductions
  3. Retirement Plan
  4. Worker’s Compensation

Graduate Degree Requirements

Master’s Degree

  1. Credit Hour Requirement
  2. Culminating Experience
  3. Final Examination
  4. Guidelines for Forming Master’s Examining Committees
  5. Thesis Evaluation
  6. Thesis, Internship, or Practicum Report Submission Guidelines
  7. Time LImit for Degree Completion
  8. Required Forms for Completing the Master’s Degree

Second Master’s Degree

Certificate in Cognate Area

Specialist in Education

  1. Minimum Credit Hours
  2. Time Limit for Degree Completion

Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Education

  1. Minimum Requirements
  2. Guidelines for Forming Doctoral Examining Committees
  3. Comprehensive Examination Guidelines
  4. Candidacy and Dissertation Requirements
  5. Final Examination Guidelines
  6. Dissertation Submission Guidelines
  7. Time Limits for Degree Completion
  8. Required Forms for Completing the Doctoral Degree

Interdisciplinary Ph.D.

Guidelines for Using Sensitive Materials in Preparing Theses and Dissertations

  1. Use of Human Subjects, Live Vertebrates, Radioisotopes, Hazardous Materials, or Recombinant DNA
  2. Research Involving Intellectual Property, Inventions, Patents, or Copyright

Internships and Practica

Guidelines for Writing a Thesis, Dissertation, Practicum, or Internship Report

Graduation Procedures

 Graduate Faculty Information

Levels and Criteria for Graduate Faculty Standing

  1. Level A Definition
  2. Level B Definition
  3. Level C Definition

Determining Levels of Graduate Faculty Standing

  1. Level A Graduate Standing
  2. Level B and Level C Graduate Faculty Standing

Limitations for Graduate Faculty Standing

  1. Resigned and/or Retired Graduate Faculty
  2. Lecturers and Clinical Faculty
  3. Adjunct and Visiting Faculty
  4. Off-Campus Scholar

Procedures for Appointing Graduate Faculty

 Graduate Council Policies

Organization of the Graduate School

  1. The University Senate
  2. Graduate Faculty and Graduate Council
  3. Committees of the Graduate Council

Policy on Graduate Student Learning Outcome

  1. Learning Outcomes
  2. Learning Outcomes in Online Courses
  3. References on Student Learning Outcomes

General Graduate Student Information

Financial Obligations (Graduate)

  1. Paying Fees
  2. Tuition and Payment Guidelines for Graduate Award Holders
  3. Health Insurance

Support for Research, Travel, and Teaching

Funding Opportunities

  1. Graduate School Opportunities
  2. Departmental Opportunities
  3. Other Financial Assistance

Student Organizations and Governance Bodies

Student Organization Funding by Associated Student Government

Graduate Student Organizations

Responsible Use of University Computing Resources at Miami University

  1. General Statement
  2. Policy
  3. Enforcement
  4. Sanctions
  5. Privacy and Security
  6. The User’s Responsibilities
  7. The University’s Responsibilities
  8. Other Miami University Computing Policies

Illegal or Unauthorized Use of Computing Resources

Policy on Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Communication and Storage Devices During Class Periods and/or Exam Periods

Student Email Policy


Event Scheduling

  1. Registering Events
  2. Responsibility for Social Activities
  3. Bands and Entertainers

Use of University Buildings and Facilities

Right of Expression of Students

  1. Right of Expression
  2. Prohibited Actions
  3. Penalties for Violation

Reporting Romantic and Sexual Relationships in the Instructional and Supervisory Setting

Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Discrimination

  1. Harassment and Discrimination Are Prohibited
  2. Definitions
  3. Coverage
  4. Romantic and Sexual Relationships in the Instructional and Supervisory Contexts
  5. Information and Assistance
  6. Retaliation is Prohibited
  7. Action
  8. Reporting Harassment, Discrimination, or Retaliation
  9. Advisers
  10. Making a Report of Harassment, Discrimination, or Retaliation
  11. Confidentiality and Initial Assessment of Report
  12. Investigation of a Report
  13. Review
  14. Decision of the Panel Committee
  15. Disciplinary Action
  16. Additional Measures
  17. Miscellaneous

Regulations Pertaining to Student Use of University Libraries

  1. Introduction
  2. Lending Regulations
  3. Overdue, Lost, and Damaged Materials
  4. Prohibited Actions

Signs, Posters, Banners

  1. Definitions
  2. General Guidelines
  3. General Prohibitions
  4. Signs, Posters, and Banners in Residence Halls
  5. Signs, Posters, and Banners in Academic and Administrative Buildings
  6. Dining Halls

Health and Safety

Missing Student Policy and Student Emergency Contact Information

  1. Missing Student Policy
  2. Student Emergency Contact Information

Student Health Service

  1. Requirements
  2. Access
  3. Concerns

Student Counseling Service

  1. Access
  2. Concerns

Disability Services

  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
  3. Accessibility and Safety
  4. Transportation
  5. Reduced Course Load
  6. Policy Statements for Students with Disabilities
  7. Compliance
  8. Dispute Resolution

Voluntary Medical Leave of Absence

  1. Statement of Policy
  2. Procedures
  3. Re-enrollment Process
  4. Request for Retroactive Medical Leave of Absence

Involuntary Medical Leave of Absence

  1. Purpose
  2. Involuntary Medical Leave of Absence Standard
  3. Imminent Danger Leave of Absence
  4. Significant Risk of Substantial Harm Leave of Absence
  5. Review and Recommendation
  6. Compliance
  7. Readmission
  8. Records and Fees

Timely Warnings

  1. Safety Bulletin
  2. Emergency Notification

Helping Students in Distress

  1. Institutional Response Team (IRT)
  2. Good Samaritan Policy

Emergency Notification and Response

  1. Emergency Messaging System -Notification of an Immediate Threat
  2. Emergency Response Procedures
  3. Additional Communication
  4. Annual Publication
  5. Annual Testing of Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures
  6. Emergency Procedures
  7. Workplace Violence

Title IX Protocol

Suicide Prevention Information