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Summary of Librarian Ranks

Continuing Contract of Employment for University Librarians

LARPS Handbook


Miami University librarians are active participants in and contributors to the educational mission and goals of the University.  They are dedicated to a leadership role in the collection, organization, preservation, and delivery of all forms of recorded knowledge to a diverse University constituency.  Librarians provide dynamic services by adding value to information as it is organized and made accessible and, through educational programs, teach students and faculty how to locate, evaluate, and utilize diverse information sources.

Miami University Libraries is committed to reward professional achievement. The Libraries recognize that librarianship is a complex field in which a wide variety of knowledge, skills, and talents are valued and that the quality of the Libraries contribution to the institutional goals of the University is enhanced by the professional excellence of all individual librarians.  This document defines criteria governing employment of full-time, continuing contract eligible librarians within the Miami University Libraries, including ranks, appointment, promotion, and continuing contract.  Appointment, evaluation, and reappointment of the Dean and University Librarian, will follow the established university guidelines.

Librarians hold one of three ranks assigned to reflect the professional status and accomplishments of an individual rather than the individual’s immediate position or responsibilities.  Assignment and promotion within ranks for librarians is a means of recognizing meritorious performance and professional maturity.  Specifically, the promotion and continuing contract system for permanent, full-time librarians recognizes persons who have demonstrated professional growth within their primary assignments. The system also recognizes their contributions to the Libraries broadly, to the University community, and to the profession of academic librarianship.

The criteria for measuring and rewarding accomplishment within each rank of this system confirm the unique and distinct status of librarianship, which has its own values, concerns, and appropriate areas of activity within the University community.  The Provost, upon recommendation of the Dean and University Librarian, in consultation with the Dean of the Regional Campuses when appropriate, determines a librarian’s initial rank at appointment following the established criteria for each rank as well as the individual’s status and achievements prior to appointment at Miami University.

Promotion and continuing contract within the system are to be awarded by means of the procedures set forth within this document. A continuing contract is for the position of librarian and does not assure any specific assignment within the Libraries. As such, continuing contract is an expression of confidence in the individual’s future performance based upon a judgment that the person has reached a threshold standard.

The maintenance of standards and the recognition of achievement are the responsibility and privilege of the profession of librarianship as a whole, to be shared by each of its members.  To provide the librarians of Miami University with the opportunity to discharge this responsibility, peer evaluation by the Personnel Committee is one element of the promotion and continuing contract procedure.

Section I. Librarian Ranks

Introduction to Ranks

Assistant Librarian

Associate Librarian

Principal Librarian

Visiting Librarian (Non-Continuing Contract Rank)

Section II. Continuing Contract


Continuing Contract and Time

Section III. Criteria for Promotion and Continuing Contract or Promotion

Performance of Primary Professional Responsibilities -Criterion 1

Service to Miami University Libraries, the University, Profession of Academic Librarianship, or the Community-Criterion 2

Scholarship/Creative Activity -Criterion 3

Section IV. Evaluation, Promotion, and Continuing Contract or Promotion


Promotion and Continuing Contract or Promotion

Application and Review Sequence for Promotion and Continuing Contract or Promotion

Reconsideration for Promotion and Continuing Contract or Promotion

Appeal of Promotion and Continuing Contract or Promotion Decision

Section V. Disciplinary Action

Matters Handled Internally


Causes for Disciplinary Proceedings


Disciplinary Proceedings

Interim Suspension

Miscellaneous Disciplinary Policies for Librarians

Section VI. Grievance Procedures

Grievance Procedures

Pre-Grievance Requirements

Formal Complaint

Hearing Committee

The Hearing

Implementation and Appeal

Deans as Party to the Grievance

Miscellaneous Grievance Procedures for Librarians

Section VII.

Termination under Financial Exigency of a Continuing Contract Appointment

Section VIII.

Non-Reappointment of Individuals with Probationary Appointments and Individuals in Non-Continuing Contract Roles

Section IX.

Librarian Professional Improvement Leave