Graduate Handbook Introduction

The Graduate Student Handbook provides the Miami University regulations regarding the rights and responsibilities graduate students and faculty have on the Miami campuses, both in and outside the classroom. These policies and guidelines have been developed by faculty, students, and staff on campus to facilitate student development. The regulations are shaped by our commitment that all Miami students will have the freedom and support to be actively engaged in campus life and will grow in meaningful ways as a result of these experiences. Our intention is that Miami will always be a vibrant academic community and that student involvement and leadership will be a central part of campus life.

Student development at Miami is couched within the over-arching identity of Miami University as an engaged University, one that provides rich, active opportunities for student involvement and change. The guidelines in the Handbook provide an important framework for the student engagement we seek on this campus.

Miami University encourages and supports free speech, respect for difference, and active student leadership and initiative. Our expectation in return is that no Miami students will engage in behaviors that harm themselves or others and they will adhere to the highest principles of honesty and integrity. The diverse sections of the Handbook make these expectations clear.

The Handbook is not a static document. We make changes in the Handbook each year to strengthen our procedures, and students should be aware of changes that affect their participation on campus. Working through the Graduate Student Association, students have the opportunity to advocate for changes or additions to these regulations. The Handbook also outlines the procedures students can follow if they believe they have been treated inappropriately or unfairly. We urge students to seek out an adviser if they believe they have been treated in ways that violate the principles that are outlined in this document.

Students are a critical part of the life of this community.  We urge all persons on campus to use these guidelines in effective ways to support and enhance student engagement at Miami.

The rules and regulations appearing in this handbook have been approved under the authority of the Miami University Board of Trustees and, therefore, constitute official University policy.  All students, as well as members of the faculty and administrative staff, should become familiar with the contents of this handbook.

Values Statement

University Statement Asserting Respect for Human Diversity

Equal Opportunity

Smoke- and Tobacco-Free Environment

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