(MUPIM 16.5/OAC 3339-16-05)

Miami University reimburses or pays hosting expenses only if (1) the expense is incurred as part of ordinary and necessary University business, (2) the expenditure is not lavish or extravagant, and (3) substantial business discussion occurs during, directly before, or directly after the meal or event. Both the meal or event and the request for reimbursement or payment must satisfy Internal Revenue Service requirements. The amount to be reimbursed or paid depends on the limits established by the University, the policies of the department or unit providing the funds, and the availability of funds. Reimbursement or payment can be assured only if the host obtains advance approval from the person responsible for the budget line to be charged. Details of the University’s hosting policy are contained in the University’s Hosting and Travel Policies found in the Purchasing and Payment Handbook.

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