Unclassified Administrative Staff Job Responsibilities

(MUPIM 13.5/OAC 3339-13-05)

Unclassified administrative staff (UAS) are expected to maintain the normal business hours of the University, consistent with the terms of their appointment. UAS are professional employees of the University who should think in terms of “getting the job done” rather than serving a set number of hours per day, week, or year.

The overriding concern of a department must, of course, be the effective conduct of its business. Because of the nature of the University and the specific job responsibilities, UAS may work at other than the normal office hours. It is also recognized that these positions may, from time to time, require extraordinary time commitments to enable a job requirement to be completed in a timely manner. To the end that the department head determines that office business will continue to be conducted in an effective manner, reasonable requests for personal accommodations and time off in recognition of extraordinary work time commitment would be granted.

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