Unclassified Administrative Staff Appointments

(MUPIM 13.3/OAC 3339-13-03)

Although there are specific exceptions, it is the policy of Miami University to limit the term of fulltime at-will fiscal year employment generally to no more than five full fiscal years after which a member of the unclassified administrative staff (UAS) enjoys extended appointment status.

Extended appointment status confers a measure of job security on an individual that is not contemplated by Ohio’s at-will doctrine. Individuals who have achieved this status may not be terminated from employment without cause – to include lack of funds and/or lack of work, as well as performance-related issues.

It is expected that with respect to program reduction or elimination, members of the UAS will be given as much notice as possible if their employment is to be terminated or significantly altered in character. It is further expected that with respect to performance-related issues a member of the UAS will normally be apprised of any problem or deficiency in his or her work performance and will be given a reasonable period of time in which to demonstrate that the problem or deficiency has been overcome; termination will not normally occur without documented efforts to bring about improvement through counseling. Notice of termination will be accompanied by the opportunity for a hearing with the appropriate vice president or his or her designee.

This policy will be administered by the Department of Human Resources and Academic Personnel Services which will establish procedures for implementing this policy in consultation with the Unclassified Personnel Advisory Committee (UPAC). Such procedures are approved by the President.

UAS appointees are sometimes extended the courtesy of academic rank by departments and may sometimes be asked to teach a course; such arrangements do not affect the employment relationship with respect to their positions in the unclassified administrative service. Rank is a matter between the individual and the conferring department and carries with it no special rights or privileges that accrue to the unclassified administrative appointment.

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