Appointment, Evaluation, and Reappointment of Department Chairs

(MUPIM 12.3/OAC 3339-12-03)

Chairs of academic departments are appointed by the Provost upon the recommendation of the appropriate academic dean.  The academic dean shall make the recommendation following consultation with members of the department and chairs of the related departments; appointment should normally be in conformity with the department’s judgment.  Academic deans will consult with Dean of the Regional Campuses regarding the appointment of chairs for departments that are located on a regional campus.  If the recommendation made by the academic dean for appointment or reappointment of a department chair is not in conformity with the department’s judgment, the department shall be given a written explanation for the discrepancy.  Responsibilities of the chair are assigned by the academic dean.

The initial term of appointment for a department chair will be five (5) years.  A chair who has served an initial term may be reappointed for additional term(s), each term not to exceed five years.  Formal evaluation must precede reappointment to any additional term. The results of such evaluations are then shared, by the appropriate dean, with the Provost.

With the concurrence of the Provost, the academic dean may at any time reassign a department chair to the faculty.  Reasons for reassignment include, but are not limited to, failure to perform duties in a satisfactory manner; violation of university rules, regulations or policies and/or directives of the Board of Trustees; and/or violation of professional ethics or commission of an illegal act.  In the event the reasons supporting reassignment also constitute grounds for discipline or termination, the same may be pursued under Section 8.3 of this Manual.

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