Student Complaints about the Quality of Instruction

(MUPIM 5.5/OAC 3339-5-05)

When a student wishes to make a compliant about the quality of instruction, the student should approach the administrator (e.g., chair, director) of the department or program located on the campus where the course is offered. Under ordinary circumstances, a student approaching an administrator to complain about a member of the instructional staff will be encouraged first of all to confer with the faculty member and seek a resolution. When a student is unable to resolve a difficulty with an instructor to the student’s satisfaction, there are two acceptable ways in which the student may lodge a complaint against a member of the instructional staff before an administrator or any person who has administrative duties. The student may file a formal grievance or the student may submit a letter of complaint to the administrator. Anonymous or unsigned statements must be disregarded and destroyed.  Formal letters of complaint are to be filed in the departmental student complaint file.

Upon receipt and before acting upon a letter of complaint, the staff member shall be informed of the complaint and given timely opportunity to rebut the accusations or explain the circumstances as viewed by the staff member. If submitted, documents presenting the staff member’s position also are to be placed in the departmental student complaint file.

The student who files a complaint is entitled to know how the complaint was processed and what actions were taken in response to it.

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Revised 2017

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