Librarian Professional Improvement Leave


This program provides extended periods for professional growth and development of librarians away from the Libraries and campus. Eligibility for the program requires at least seven years of full-time service.  Professional improvement activities normally involve research, professional development, or formal training programs sponsored by other universities or conducted under the sponsorship of professional associations or societies. Normally, approval will not be granted for the purpose of pursuing a degree.

Librarian Professional Improvement Leave Procedures

  1. Application for the program is made through the organizational reporting structure to the Dean and University Librarian, the Provost, and the President.
  2. Each application shall include:
    1. Applicant’s name, rank, and year rank was attained
    2. Dates and year of the anticipated leave
    3. Dates and year of previous Professional Leave
    4. Purpose for the requested leave
    5. Activities anticipated with timeline
    6. Value of the leave to the applicant, Libraries, and University
    7. How responsibilities will be covered
  3. All full-time librarians with continuing contract who have served at least seven years in any rank in full-time service are eligible for Librarian Professional Improvement Leave. Leaves are granted on the basis of the potential contribution that the appointee will make toward fulfilling the University Libraries’ mission upon returning to normal assignment. Years of service are crucial for determining eligibility but are not the major determining factor in awarding Professional Improvement Leaves.
  4. A person may not receive another Librarian Professional Improvement Leave until seven (7) years have elapsed from the end of the previous leave.
  5. Persons receiving Librarian Professional Improvement Leave are obligated to remain at Miami for a time period equivalent to the Leave and to make a full report of the results of the assignment to the department head, Dean, Dean of the Regional Campuses if appropriate, and the Provost within ninety (90) days of the completion of the Leave. If a person chooses not to return to Miami during the ensuing academic term, he or she is expected to refund compensation equal to that received during the Librarian Improvement Leave.
  6. Submit applications for Librarian Professional Improvement Leave to the Dean and University Librarian by November 1. Applications should be received in the Academic Personnel Services Office by December 1 of the year preceding the leave period to receive most favorable consideration.
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