The Hearing


  1. The hearing committee shall select one of its members to be chair.  It will determine the order of proceedings and other matters pertinent to the conduct of the hearing.
  2. Each party shall have the right to call a reasonable number of witnesses to support his/ her position. Witnesses shall be present only when their testimony is being given.  Each party may bring an advisor to the proceedings.  However, the presence of and representation by legal counsel is not permitted.
  3. Both the grievant and the respondent shall have the right to question each other and inquire into any testimony given at the hearing.
  4. Formal rules of evidence will not be followed; the Committee may receive any evidence that it believes to be helpful.
  5. The entire hearing may be recorded.
  6. Within seven (7) calendar days after the close of the hearing in the matter, the Hearing Committee shall present its recommendation in writing to the Dean and University Librarian.
  7. The Dean will announce his/her decision to both parties within fourteen (14) calendar days after receipt of the recommendation.
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