Causes for Disciplinary Proceedings


Disciplinary proceedings can result in the imposition of any appropriate penalties including, by way of example in ascending order of severity:  Presidential letter of reprimand; mandatory training; assessment for treatment or therapy; limitation of future increases in compensation; suspension with or without pay; reduction in rank; change in status from continuing contract to annual appointment; and dismissal. Any appointment can be terminated for cause through the proceedings set forth below.  A librarian with continuing contact shall not be dismissed except for cause.

The procedures outlined below are applicable in cases in which it is believed that a librarian has engaged in misconduct which has not been, or cannot be, adequately addressed by following the internal procedures described in Section V.A above.  Although all causes for discipline cannot be enumerated, such causes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Failure or refusal to perform properly assigned duties or assignments.
  2. Violation of University rules, regulations and/or policies.
  3. Violation of written directives of the President and/or Board of Trustees.
  4. Commission of an illegal act involving moral turpitude.
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