Matters Handled Internally


Each supervisor is expected to advise a librarian regarding any known failure by such individual to comply with applicable policies or guidelines, violation of standards of conduct, professional incompetence, or failure to carry out job responsibilities. This will be done on an as-needed basis or periodically in annual reviews. If problems identified by the supervisor are not resolved following one or more personal meetings, and/or written communications, the supervisor may then issue a written summary, which will be placed in the librarian’s personnel file along with any response from the librarian consistent with MUPIM, Section 3.8.

If a librarian is dissatisfied with his/her supervisor’s handling of a problem, or if the problem continues, the librarian or supervisor may refer the matter to the Personnel Committee to mediate. If the Committee fails to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of all parties, the librarian, the supervisor, or the Committee may refer it to the Dean and University Librarian. The Dean will review the matter in consultation with the librarian, supervisor, and Personnel Committee, and make a decision.

In the event the Dean determines that disciplinary action is appropriate or if problems persist, the Dean may initiate a disciplinary proceedings under Section V.E. below.

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