Application and Review Sequence for Promotion and Continuing Contract or Promotion


  1. Early in the year applications are due, the Personnel Committee notifies probationary librarians and their department head this is the year they must apply for promotion and continuing contract. A candidate who wishes to apply for promotion submits a letter of intent to the Personnel Committee and Dean and University Librarian before the deadline established each year by the Committee.
  2. The candidate is responsible for assembling and submitting a dossier (Appendix III), list of references, and supplemental materials through their department head to the Personnel Committee. A written recommendation is forwarded with the application materials at each step of the process.
  3. Candidates for promotion and continuing contract or promotion must have the positive recommendation of the department head or Personnel Committee to qualify for further consideration.
  4. If the recommendation of the Committee and the department head agree, they may file a joint report to the Dean. If the recommendations of the Committee and the department head differ, both are transmitted to the Dean. The Committee forwards copies of all recommendations to the librarian and forwards all recommendations and application materials to the Dean and University Librarian for review.
  5. If the Dean does not agree with the recommendations made by the Committee or the department head, the case is discussed among the Dean, the Personnel Committee and the department head before the Dean’s recommendation is sent to the Provost.
  6. If the Dean is going to recommend denying promotion for a librarian with continuing contract, the librarian is first informed and may choose to withdraw the application.
  7. Candidates must have the positive recommendation of the Dean for applications to be advanced to the Provost.
  8. The Dean retains print supplemental materials. They are returned to the candidate after a final decision is made.
  9. Applications, dossier, and recommendations for candidates with the positive recommendation of the Dean are forwarded to the Provost for review. The Provost reviews recommendations and application materials. Those endorsed by the Provost are forwarded to the President for review.  Recommendations endorsed by the President are given to the Board of Trustees for final action.
  10. If granted, continuing contract is conferred for Miami University. Continuing contract and/or promotion becomes effective July 1, and is not specific to a given campus.
  11. In the event any individual or committee is about to make a negative continuing contract recommendation, the annual written evaluations for the candidate will be reviewed by the individual or committee and appended to the candidates promotion and continuing contract packet.
  12. A candidate who receives a positive recommendation from the department head, Personnel Committee or Dean is notified as soon as possible.
  13. A candidate who receives a negative recommendation is notified in writing with a Statement of Reasons for the negative recommendation. The Statement of Reasons must be given no later than ten (10) working days from the date the negative recommendation is given and becomes part of the record.
  14. For restrictions on participation in promotion and continuing contract decisions by members of the same family, see MUPIM 3.15.
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