Scholarship/Creative Activity -Criterion 3


Quality contributions to the profession of academic librarianship and information science imply the ongoing commitment to academic, intellectual, and creative activity.  Scholarship is represented by achievements that expand the universe of knowledge within the academic library profession and undergo a process of selection by an external peer group.   Professional study undertaken by a librarian will be recognized when the course or degree program enhances the librarian’s ability to make contributions within his/her primary professional responsibilities or, more broadly, to the University Libraries.

Examples of appropriate scholarly/creative achievements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Publication of books, journal articles, research papers, exhibit catalogs, scholarly book or product reviews, bibliographies, chapter(s) contributed to published books, articles contributed to compilations, and handbooks in an area of subject/language specialization or relating to professional matters.
  2. Editorship of or acknowledged contributing editorial services to professional or other scholarly journals, series, or compilations.
  3. Creative work, such as developing electronic products.
  4. Activities such as presentations or workshops.
  5. Involvement in research projects and acquisition of grants.




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