Service to Miami University Libraries, the University, Profession of Academic Librarianship, or the Community -Criterion 2


Fulfillment of this criterion is manifested by the quality and extent of contributions by making professional knowledge and skills available through service on committees, task forces, clusters, and other professional and governance activities of the Miami University Libraries, the University, professional associations and organizations including library networks and consortia, and the community.  Such service may be evaluated even though it might be unrelated to the individual’s primary area of responsibility. Factors to be considered in service evaluation include, but are not limited to: working relations with other group members, chairing of subcommittees, and timely completion and quality of committee assignments.

Quality service to the profession of academic librarianship implies the ongoing commitment to professional growth with evidence of a thorough understanding of and commitment to the field of librarianship and information science.  Evidence of professional growth can be demonstrated through activities in recognized professional and scholarly associations, as well as through contributions in appropriate areas of subject, language, or technical specialization.  Librarians seeking promotion and continuing contract must show evidence of continued intellectual growth and/or increasing reputation in the profession.  Examples of increasing professional reputation include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Selection to leadership positions in local, regional, or national professional organizations;
  2. Involvement in consulting work;.
  3. Assignment to special projects or task forces.

Librarians of all ranks are assumed to hold memberships in and attend meetings of professional and scholarly organizations on at least the local level.  Librarians seeking promotion are strongly encouraged to become active participants in these organizations through committee work, presentations, and service to the organizations.  Librarians seeking the ranks of Associate Librarian and Principal Librarian must demonstrate a sustained record of meaningful professional activities and contributions.

Examples of appropriate service activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Miami University Libraries

  1. Membership on and participation in internal library functional clusters, standing committees, ad hoc committees, study teams, task forces, search committees and other groups.
  2. Fulfillment of Library liaison responsibilities with network(s), consortia or associations, etc.
  3. Undertaking specific projects either by assignment or individual initiative.
  4. Work on grant-funded initiatives.

Miami University

  1. Appointment to and participation in standing committees, boards, and ad hoc committees.
  2. Election to membership on University Senate or appointment to Senate committees.
  3. Participation in student support activities that are professionally related.

Professional Organizations and Associations

  1. Membership and participation in appropriate professional associations.
  2. Active participation in the activities of professional associations.
  3. Assumption of leadership roles in such organizations.
  4. Active participation in professional meetings and conferences through talks, presentations, demonstrations, or panel membership.

The Community

  1. Leader or member of a task force, committee, board or commission providing service to local, state, regional, national, or international organizations.
  2. Professional consultant to public or private organizations.
  3. Providing extramural continuing education programs if these are not accounted for in primary professional responsibilities.
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