Continuing Contract and Time


All librarians with an appointment to a continuing contract eligible rank must serve a probationary period at Miami without continuing contract.  In unusual circumstances the President, upon recommendation of the department head[1], the Dean of the Regional Campuses when appropriate, the Dean and University Librarian, and the Provost, may waive the probationary period and recommend continuing contract for a person being appointed to the rank of Associate Librarian or Principal Librarian.

The probationary period is such that a person may be considered for continuing contract only once, with consideration occurring in the sixth year of qualifying service.  Service in a part-time position does not apply.  A leave of absence for one year or less will count as part of the probationary period unless the librarian and the department head, with the approval of the Dean, and the Provost, agree in writing to an exception to this provision at the time the leave is granted.

At the time of hiring into a continuing contract eligible position, the Dean with agreement of the Dean of the Regional Campuses when appropriate may accord a person credit toward the six-year probationary period for full-time service at a comparable research or academic library.  This credit must be noted in the original appointment letter. Normally, a person may receive up to two years’ credit toward continuing contract.  Only in exceptional circumstances may more credit be granted.  However, by mutual consent of the department head and the librarian, and with the written approval of the Dean and the Provost, this grant of prior credit or a portion thereof subsequently may be rescinded during the probationary period prior to the consideration for continuing contract. An earlier discontinuous period of full-time professional library service at Miami may be treated in the same way as full-time service at other institutions.

At the time of appointment to a continuing contract eligible position, by mutual consent of the department head, the Dean, and the Provost, the individual may exclude two years of full-time service in a non-continuing contract eligible position from the probationary period.

A one-year extension of the probationary period will be granted by the Provost upon request by a librarian (1) who has or shares primary responsibility for the care of an infant or newly-adopted child under age five, and who must commit substantial portions of time to this care; (2) who faces similar responsibilities associated with a serious health condition of another person; (3) who has a serious health condition; or (4) who faces extraordinary circumstances.  This extension may be granted whether or not sick leave, personal leave, or family and medical leave has been taken.  Written requests for such extensions must be made within two years of the birth, adoption, or serious health condition.

There is normally a limit of one such extension of any type during the probationary period.  A person may, however, request a second extension through the Provost.  The maximum number of years of extension to the continuing contract clock is two, whether the extension is claimed under the preceding paragraph or as a personal leave.

[1] Department head denotes the supervisor of the librarian throughout this document.


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