VISITING LIBRARIAN (Non-Continuing Contract Rank)


Visiting Librarian titles are used for those Librarians employed in non-continuing contract eligible positions.  An individual formerly employed in a continuing contract eligible position but not granted a continuing contract is ineligible for employment as a Visiting Librarian.

A Visiting Librarian typically receives a one-year appointment (July 1 – June 30), renewable without limitation on the total number of appointments. Visiting appointments may be either full- or part-time, and are subject to non-renewal at the will of Miami University.  Visiting Librarians are subject to the annual retention review.  The review shall occur before the annual retention decision and be based on satisfactory performance of their primary professional responsibilities.  

Visiting Librarians may apply for continuing contract eligible Librarian positions.  If, as the result of a search, a Visiting Librarian is selected as the successful candidate, the individual and the University must agree to the number of years of service that will be credited toward the probationary period. This will then be noted in the initial appointment letter.

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