Certificate in Cognate Area

(Graduate Handbook 4.3)

The Graduate School offers certificate programs in many areas that can be earned in concert with or independently from degree programs. Certificates may range from twelve (12) to seventeen (17) graduate credits (500 or above). Students earning a certificate receive a printed certificate, but not a diploma. These programs are described in detail in the Graduate Bulletin and are open to students who have been admitted to the Graduate School and have met Graduate School and program prerequisites.  All graduate certificates must have specific learning outcomes, an assessment plan, and have an assessment report submitted in accordance with university assessment guidelines.

Time Limits for Certificate Completion (Graduate Handbook 4.3.A)

Students must complete the coursework and earn the Graduate Certificate within five (5) years of being admitted to the certificate program.  This limit applies to all certificate-seeking students, both full-time and part-time.

Note: Students have until December 31st of the fifth year to complete the certificate. For example, a student first registering in the summer of 2016 has through December of 2021 to complete the certificate.

Required Forms for Completing a Graduate Certificate (Graduate Handbook 4.3.B)

FORM G-6: Graduate Certificate Completion Form

This form is completed by the department offering the graduate certificate and submitted to the Graduate School.  If the student is also a degree-seeking student, the Graduate Certificate Completion Form must be submitted a minimum of ten (10) days before commencement.

Revised 2017

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