Recipient Guidelines

(Graduate Handbook 3.1)

Introduction (Graduate Handbook 3.1.A)

There are several kinds of financial assistance available to graduate students, depending on their level of study and other factors. However, students may not hold more than one University award for any given term or academic year.

All graduate award holders should follow certain guidelines. Specifically, graduate award holders shall do the following:

  1. Be admitted to the Graduate School with regular standing. The Graduate School must receive official transcripts showing receipt of the appropriate degree by October 15th (for students who begin study in the Fall Semester), March 1st (for students who begin study in the Spring Semester), and June 15 (for students who begin study in the Summer term). (See 1.1.B.3 in this Handbook.)
  2. Maintain satisfactory progress toward the graduate degree to assure that their graduate award (assistantship or scholarship) will be continued during their contract. Satisfactory progress means carrying no fewer than the minimum number of graduate hours, maintaining a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00, and fulfilling academic requirements for the degree as determined by their department. Failure to achieve this progress will result in the loss of their graduate award.
  3. Perform satisfactorily their duties as a graduate award holder. If a graduate award holder is not fulfilling the duties of the position, the supervisor will inform the student in writing of the deficiencies in the award holder’s performance. The award holder will be given a reasonable period of time to demonstrate that the problem or deficiency has been overcome. Termination will not normally occur without documented efforts to bring about improvement through counseling. However, in some instances an individual’s action may be so egregious that immediate termination is necessary. Notice of termination with reasons will be given by the chair of the academic department, or for those students assigned to other units, by the head of that unit, and will be accompanied by the opportunity for a hearing with the Dean of the Graduate School.

Graduate assistantships and dissertation scholarships are privileges bestowed by the University that may also be withdrawn for misconduct at any time during the academic year through the University judicial process. See Code of Student Conduct.

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