How to use the Policy Library/Complete Copies of Policy Handbooks

This site includes all policies from University approved handbooks.

Users may locate policies through multiple search options:

  • You may search by topic by typing key words in the search box. Any policy that contains a combination of that key word or phrase will appear (e.g., computer use).
  • You may search for an exact policy or phrase by placing quotes around your search (e.g.,”parking”).
  • You may search alphabetically by clicking on the “alphabetical policy list” tab
  • You may search by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page. Users familiar with our policy handbooks may note that the policies have generally been arranged by the topic in the table of contents of each handbook.
  • You may also search by clicking on the pictures on the home page.

Employees that are familiar with the MUPIM Handbook may find our Guide to Locating MUPIM Policies within the Miami University Policy Library useful in determining which tab MUPIM policies are located.

Finally, if a policy references a related Form please check the bottom of the policy page. If you have questions or concerns about this policy library, please email the Office of General Counsel.

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