Termination of Appointment or Tenure for Cause

(MUPIM 8.2/OAC 3339-8-02)

Any appointment can be terminated for cause through the procedures set forth in Section 8.3. In such cases the usual provisions of advance notice of non-reappointment may be set aside.

A member of the faculty with tenure shall not be dismissed except for cause. In turn, the privilege of tenure requires that a member of the faculty shall conduct oneself as a person of learning with the obligations of scholarly objectivity, accuracy, tolerance, restraint, and social responsibility. A change in status from tenure to annual appointment may be made at any time for cause and through the procedures hereinafter set forth in Section 8.3. Causes shall include the following:

  1. intentional or repeated violations of expressly stated University regulations or University policy;
  2. professional incompetence;
  3. refusal to perform properly assigned academic duties or assignments;
  4. commission of an act involving moral turpitude which is punishable by a criminal statute of the state of Ohio;
  5. violation of professional ethics as adopted by the University Senate.

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