Outside Speakers on Campus

(Student Handbook 5.9)

General Principles

Miami University recognizes the following principles as a general guide for all student organizations desiring to invite outside speakers to the campus:

  1. A speaker or performer may appear on the Miami University campus only on invitation extended by a duly recognized student organization.
  2. It must be recognized that an institution cannot be wholly disassociated in the public mind from views expressed on its campus. Under no circumstances must it in any way be suggested that Miami University as an institution has given its approval to a visitor invited by a student organization, or that the University as an institution endorses the point of view expressed by an outside speaker.
  3. The invitation to outside speakers must always represent the desire of a recognized group after due consideration of its members and after appropriate discussion with its advisor. No invitation should be extended as a result of pressure from an external organization.
  4. Because certain officials or speakers may be of some stature politically, nationally, or internationally, and since this may involve an area of public relations for Miami University, the President of the University or his duly appointed representative should be notified prior to the speaker’s arrival.
  5. In issuing invitations, student organizations must keep in mind that the sole purpose of such visits is to contribute to the aims of the University as a center of free inquiry and sound learning, and that the prime responsibility for ensuring that this purpose is served rests with the sponsoring organization.
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