Event Scheduling

(Student Handbook 5.4/Graduate Handbook 2.13)

Co-curricular activities are encouraged as a part of the educational experience. They have value in providing relaxation, recreation, cultural enrichment, and opportunities for cooperation, leadership development and personal growth.

Registering Events (Student Handbook 5.4.A)

Student organizations seeking to use University facilities to host a planned event must register the event by submitting a Hub Event Request Form. Each event must be registered in the Office of Student Activities ten working days in advance of the event. Registering an event does not guarantee automatic approval of the space request. Campus locations are limited and are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Responsibility for Social Activities (Student Handbook 5.4.B)

Student organizations sponsoring a social event are held responsible for the behavior and the actions of those attending the event. The officers of the organization must realize that the University holds them and the organization accountable for the event. As they may be held liable, one or more officers are advised to attend for the duration of events planned by the organization, in particular, co-educational social events, overnights, and out-of-town events. In addition, on-campus events that are non-seated and open to the general public are subject to the Miami University Campus Dance Policy. Please contact the Office of Student Activities and Leadership or the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Leadership for a copy of the policy. A copy of the Dance Policy is also available on the Office of Student Activities and Leadership website.

Bands and Entertainers (Student Handbook 5.4.C)

All contracts for bands, speakers, entertainers, and for goods and/or services must be reviewed and processed through the Office of Student Activities and Leadership at least six weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Revised 2017

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