Residency Requirements

(Student Handbook 3.1)

All Oxford campus first- and second-year full-time students are required to live in the residence halls through the spring semester of their second academic year of enrollment. Students in residence halls are required to subscribe to a University meal plan. Students who (1) are over 21 years of age; (2) reside with their parents, legal guardians, spouses or dependent children; or (3) have matriculated full-time for at least two years at another institution of higher education or a regional campus are automatically exempted from this requirement.

Students seeking an exemption to this requirement must submit an application to the Housing, Options, Meals and Events (HOME) Office at least six to eight weeks before the beginning of the semester for which the exemption is sought. For the purpose of compliance with O.R.C. 3345.47, a student’s residence is deemed to be the address provided by the student at the time of the initial application for admission to Miami University’s Oxford campus.

In lieu of a second year of residency, qualified students are permitted to live in qualified off-campus housing owned or controlled by a recognized student organization. Contact the Office of the Dean of Students for additional information.

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Revised 2015


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