Personal Leave – All Employees

(MUPIM 4.8/OAC 3339-4-08)

Personal leave may be granted to free up a fulltime-tenured or tenure-track, lecturer, clinical/professionally licensed faculty member or full-time unclassified administrative staff member to make a public service contribution; to accept a fellowship, research, or visiting appointment at another institution; to pursue a program of formal study; or for personal or health reasons. Personal leave may only be taken on a fulltime basis.

  1. The duration of such a leave may be for any period up to a year, with renewal possible for a second year. Application should be made as far in advance as possible.
  2. For instructional staff, the personal leave period will count as Miami University service for promotion and tenure purposes, unless an alternative arrangement is approved, in writing, at the time the leave is granted.
  3. Personal leave is leave without salary.  Except under special circumstances, it is leave without any University-provided benefits except any applicable fee waiver benefit, which continues during the leave.
  4. Contributions to the state retirement systems (STRS, PERS, PERS-LE) are made only as allowed by law.  The University will not make contributions to the Alternative Retirement Plan during a personal leave.
  5. Individuals granted personal leave may continue uninterrupted health care insurance by arranging to make full premium payments through the University’s Department of Human Resources.  Only the President or President’s designee may authorize the continuance of health care insurance at University expense.
  6. For most favorable consideration, the leave of application for instructional staff should be received in the Academic Personnel Services Office by December 1 of the academic year preceding the leave period.

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Application for Personal Leave within the Division of Academic Affairs

Revised 2015

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