Evaluation of Members of the Faculty

(MUPIM 7.1/OAC 3339-7-01)

Frequency and Purpose of Evaluation (MUPIM 7.1.A)

Each tenured and probationary member of the faculty shall receive at a minimum a written annual evaluation based at least in part on data supplied by the person in his or her Annual Report of Professional Activities.  Evaluations shall serve two functions:  (1) to guide the professional development of the person and (2) to record part of the evidence upon which personnel decisions and salary recommendations shall be based.  Accordingly, each annual evaluation should include strengths, weaknesses, and specific recommendations for improvement.  Additional assessments may be conducted if deemed desirable by the chair, the program director (when appropriate), or their dean.

Annual Report of Professional Activities (MUPIM 7.1.B)

Each tenured and probationary member of the faculty shall submit to the chair or program director (when appropriate) a written Annual Report of Professional Activities that shall include information on publications, teaching responsibilities, committee assignments, public service, and other professional activities.

Annual Evaluation of Tenured Members of the Instructional Staff (MUPIM 7.1.C)

Department chairs or program directors (when appropriate) shall prepare written evaluations and salary recommendations for faculty, seeking input from Oxford chairs when relevant. The Regional chair will share the annual evaluations with the Oxford campus chair for those holding dual appointment.

Annual Evaluation of Probationary Members of the Instructional Staff (MUPIM 7.1.D)

The policy for the annual evaluation of probationary members of the instructional staff is outlined in Section 7.5.  Probationary members of the instructional staff shall receive a written explanation of the annual salary recommendation.

Formative Promotion Evaluations (MUPIM 7.1.E)

In addition to the annual evaluation, all members of the faculty in a promotable rank may request a formative promotion evaluation once per academic year.  Upon the person’s request, the evaluation shall be prepared by the department’s promotion committee and by the chair (or only by the former if the chair is being evaluated) or program director (when appropriate).  These evaluations shall be based on (1) cumulative information provided by the person criteria set out for his or her promotion and (2) may include other relevant information.  At the person’s discretion, the information provided may include his or her plans that may help the promotion committee and chair or program director (when appropriate) provide useful guidance.  Formative promotion evaluations are to guide the person toward promotion and are not to be used for personnel or salary decisions.

Faculty with a dual appointment must elect their promotion initiating division (Oxford or Regional Campus) prior to any application for a formative promotion evaluation that is made on or after July 1, 2017 or prior to an application for promotion, if no formative evaluation is sought after that date.

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Revised 2017; Revised 2016

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