Employment of Persons Holding a Miami Doctorate

(MUPIM 6.4/OAC 3339-6-04)

The degrees of Ph.D. and Ed.D. may not be granted to any member of the Miami University faculty or staff who holds an academic rank above that of instructor or Clinical Professionally Licensed. Effective January 1, 1979, a person whose highest degree is from Miami University may not occupy a tenurable rank unless one of the following conditions prevails:

  1. the person achieved tenurable rank prior to January 1, 1979 (grandfather clause);
  2. the highest graduate degree was obtained from Miami University before July 1, 1970;
  3. since receiving the Miami degree, the person has been employed elsewhere for at least three years and has gained significant achievement;
  4. since receiving the Miami degree, the person has earned a higher degree from another institution.

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