The Board of Trustees

(MUPIM 2.2)

The Board of Trustees consists of eleven members: nine voting members and two student nonvoting members. The nine voting members are appointed one each year for a nine-year term by the Governor of Ohio, with the advice and consent of the Ohio Senate. The two student nonvoting members are appointed for two-year staggered terms by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Ohio Senate. Their names and terms of office are listed in the most recent edition of The Miami Bulletin – General Edition. In addition to the 11 members appointed by the Governor, a maximum of six (6) nonvoting National Trustees are also authorized to serve on the Board, each serving a three-year term and each eligible for appointment to two consecutive terms. National Trustees are not eligible to become officers of the Board, but will otherwise participate in all Board activities, including committee membership. National Trustees will have voting privileges on committees and may serve as committee chairs. The Board meets at times established by the Chair of the Board.

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