Voyaging to Yale

“Go fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, journey, discover, adventure.” -Unknown

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Yale University in January 2020 alongside other fellow Miami University students. We attended a weekend conference presented by Yale University where we participated in educational media, political and artistic seminars. We walked away from each session feeling more enlightened, and inspired to change the world!

As exciting and enriching as the conference was, the best part was being surrounded by students from various universities, including Stanford, New York University, Penn State University, Harvard University, and Princeton University. We were able to participate in activities that were geared towards college students and were able to discuss issues facing college students today and how we as young leaders can work to combat these issues.

The conference ended with a beautiful Black History Month tribute gala. We ate great food, created fellowship, and crafted memories to last a lifetime. By simply walking through such a historical campus, I was able to grow immensely.

My mother has been involved in conferences as Harvard University and I always had a desire to visit such an influential school, so the chance to attend this conference at Yale University was a very impactful moment for me.

I had no clue when I stepped off of the plane in Hartford, Connecticut with the other students attending the trip that we would be enriched in education, history, and friendship, but I am so thankful for the memories and growth that I got to experience.

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