Making Your Internship Count

Earning class credit for an internship is an awesome thing to take advantage of as a student. You get real life work experience that goes straight towards your credit hours for graduation. Some majors require internships, or co-ops, but mine didn’t so when it came to applying to have my internship count for class credit, I was completely lost. 

I wasn’t sure who to contact or what papers to fill out, but after talking to a lot of people I was finally able to figure it out. My hope is that this blog post can help other students that are applying to have their internship count for credit so they don’t have to go through the same struggle I did. 

First things first, get that internship!   

All internships are useful. They can help you decide a specific field you want to work in, or they can help you discover a field you don’t want to work in. Both are valuable and will help you post graduation. Plus it looks good on your resume regardless of what it is.

Next, you need to apply to have your internship count for class credit. 

You will fill out the Internship Agreement, which asks basic questions about your internship. 

After that, you need to fill out the Internship Learning Plan. Together, you and your supervisor will come up with goals, tasks and measurements for your internship. Your goals should be broad and overarching of what you wish to gain from your internship. Your tasks or activities should be more specific. What will you be doing while you’re at your internship? Finally, your measurements should be how your supervisor plans on evaluating your progress throughout your time at your internship.  

After you get that form filled out you should be added to the internship class that correlates with whatever your major is. For me it’s APC 340. 

When you complete your internship your supervisor has to fill out the Evaluation Form, which asks questions about your attendance, quality of work, attitude, etc. 

After all of those forms are filled out you will receive class credit for your internship! 

If you have questions along the way you can stop in Career Services or email them at

Good luck to everyone out there on their internship journey– We’re in this together!

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