Music That’s Carried me Through the Semester

I think we can all agree that school is hard and can be really stressful at times. For me, listening to music is a great way to decompress after a long day of classes, or even help you focus on that 5 page paper that you didn’t start until midnight, the night before it’s due. There are songs that can give you energy, calm you down, and help manage every other emotion or feeling in between.

Here is a link to a playlist on Spotify that has the songs that have carried me through this semester so far. My hope is that you would maybe find some new music that helps you finish the semester strong, or even inspires to you create your own playlist.

I want to highlight a few songs specifically.

  • Without You- Joseph
    • This song is a perfect song to scream to in the car. I love to turn it up really loud, roll the windows down and sing the chorus that says, “I don’t want to be alone, without you” It’s a whole mood and a half.
  • 10/10- Rex Orange County
    • This song is about moving forward from toxic relationships and depression to be the best version of yourself. One of the verses says, “Give myself a little credit since I dealt with all the pain. Yeah, I turned superhero, I’m comin’ in Bruce Wayne” It’s such a catchy and fun song. Highly recommend.
  • Lost- Dermot Kennedy
    • This is a pretty dramatic love song but the lyrics are really beautiful and Dermot Kennedy has an incredible voice. Here’s my favorite verse from the song. “I was lost ’til I found you. Now these songs will hold and hide your name”

What songs have you guys been listening to this semester? Leave them in the comment section below!

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